Other Services

Vital Tooth Therapy

Sometimes, complete root canal therapy can be avoided. Whenever possible, attempting to save the vitality of the pulp is both beneficial and preferred, especially in teeth that has not yet completely developed. This procedure removes the inflamed tissue while preserving the non-inflamed tissue. By doing so, we allow the body to continue the development of the root naturally.

Regenerative Therapy

What happens when an immature tooth has lost all vital pulp tissue? Regenerative therapy is aimed at unlocking the therapeutic potential of stem cells, growth factors, molecular biology and the human genome. Using basic biological principles, it is possible to allow continued tooth development even in the absence of healthy pulp tissue. Expect regenerative therapy to be "the next big thing" in dentistry.

Trauma Management

Dental injury from trauma disproportionately affects young people and is a common pediatric emergency. Dental trauma can also affect adults as a result of accidents and sporting injuries. Depending on the circumstance and timing, we are uniquely qualified to manage these types of injuries using best practices to preserve your teeth and their appearance.

Digital Radiographs and 3D Imaging

Quality patient care relies on an accurate diagnosis. Elite Endodontics utilizes digital radiography, which provides superior image quality for optimal treatment while minimizing the amount of radiation exposure to the patient. In addition, we can use 3D imaging, referred to as computed digital radiography, which allows us to see specific areas of interest more realistically. This is an immense aid for difficult diagnostic cases and dental implants.

Digital Radiograph
Digital Radiogaph